Pool Heater Installation & Repair in Martin County & North Palm Beach County

A reliable pool heater allows you to get more use from your swimming pool. A/C NOW LLC offers installation and repair of pool heating systems in Palm Beach Gardens, Fort Pierce, Jupiter, Palm City, Stuart and Port Saint Lucie. Our skilled and experienced technicians can help you find the right heater for your pool, make sure it is installed correctly, and take care of any repair issues. 

If you need a pool heater installed, repaired, or replaced, call A/C NOW LLC today at (772) 521-3568 for a team that prioritizes customer service and quality work. 

Get the Most from Your Swimming Pool

Florida is well known for heat and humidity, which makes some people think Port St. Lucie pool heating may not be necessary. However, the temperatures can get chilly from November through March and swimming in an unheated pool in chillier weather is uncomfortable.

AC NOW offers pool heating services in Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Palm City, Jupiter, Fort Pierce and Palm Beach Gardens  

Installing a pool heater offers several benefits for enjoying your pool all year long, such as: 

  • Keeping your pool at a comfortable temperature for swimming 
  • Enjoying night swimming 
  • Using your pool for more months of the year or all year 
  • Comfortable swimming in any weather 
  • Less chemical usage when the pool is open all year 

When you are ready to add heating to your pool, you will need to select the right one for your property. Aspects to consider include the fuel source to power the heater, the size of the heater, installation cost, and operating cost. When factoring in cost, be sure to consider both the initial installation and the cost of running the heater. For example, a heat pump pool heater or gas heater is less expensive to run than an electric pool heater. 

Some common systems are:

  • Electric pool heaters 
  • Gas pool heaters 
  • Heat pump pool heaters 
  • Solar pool heaters 

Once your pool heater is installed, you can keep it running efficiently and reliably with regular maintenance. This service reduces wear and tear and ensures more reliable performance. When something goes wrong with the pool heating, repair is often possible as long as the heater isn’t too old or the damage isn’t too extensive. If the pool heater is near or past its expected lifespan, replacement may be the better solution. 

Get an Estimate For Your New Pool Heater

At A/C NOW LLC, we can help you explore the options for pool heating in Port St. Lucie. We can assess your needs, explain the options, and help you compare the different types of pool heaters to make an informed decision for your home. We offer free estimates for pool heating installation, so you know the cost of the job before we get started. If your pool heater isn’t working, we offer same day appointments for repairs, and our technicians service all major equipment brand

When you need a pool heater installed or repaired, please contact us at (772) 521-3568 to schedule an appointment


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