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How often should I clean My AC?

Did you know that over time, the coils on your air conditioner can get dirty? Well, this can lead to reduced cooling and a lack of efficiency, as dirt and dust accumulate on the evaporator coil, it acts like an insulator, and limits the coil’s ability to absorb heat from the air.

Ideally, air conditioning maintenance should be performed twice a year, though once is sufficient for some systems. The coils on an air conditioner should be checked and cleaned at least once a year. If you were to live in a region where the air conditioner gets used for more of the year, it might even be a good idea to perform this task twice a year.

How to clean your AC

Getting an annual inspection and cleaning is recommended for most AC systems. Besides checking the coolant levels and leaks, a professional can check the electrical connections, the condition of the belts, inspect the ducts and clean the coils, between visits, the condenser coils can be cleaned by removing large debris and rinsing the coils with a hose, after shutting the power off. Next you will want to use the condensations method. The condensate line removes the moisture that accumulates in the system when your air conditioner is in operation. If this line gets clogged, it can reduce the efficiency of the unit, increase humidity in the air and it can also increase the risk of water damage.(This is another job that can be done once a year) For most systems, you can clear the condensate drain by passing a stiff piece of wire down the line.

For more advanced cleaning and servicing professional air conditioner service might be needed. You might find some air conditioner problems that require the attention of professional help. You will also find that there are some maintenance tasks you cannot do on your own. Occasionally, you will need to check the refrigerant levels and have the machine inspected for leaks. This is one of the jobs that would require service from a professional HVAC technician. Beyond just cleaning and inspecting the air conditioner, a professional HVAC technician may also be able to provide advice that will help improve the performance of the system.

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    Air conditioning contractors in Palm Beach Gardens

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    Air conditioning contractors in Palm Beach Gardens

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    Air conditioning contractors in Palm Beach Gardens

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    Air conditioning contractors in Palm Beach Gardens

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